The Five Love Languages

This is the book we read for our book club this month. It is by Gary Chapman, an author of many relationship books and he even has his own web site. It is a quick read - I picked it up from the library on Monday afternoon and had it read by Tuesday night. However, I would suggest that if you are interested in applying the principles discussed in this book, that you read it more slowly and with your partner.

Mr. Chapman identifies five love languages and describes what acts or deeds fall into each of those languages. The important concept is to learn your own love language so you can help your partner demonstrate his or her love to you in that language, and even more importantly, to learn the love language of your partner so that your expressions of love are more meaningful.

The five languages are 1. Words of Affirmation, 2. Quality Time, 3. Gift Giving, 4. Acts of Service, and 5. Physical Touch. They seem pretty self-explanatory but as you read the book you will gain more insight into why you may love the way you do. Most people can identify their primary love language after reading the descriptions, however there are some who may still remain confused. For those people, there is a test at the end of the book that can help you identify your love language and that of your partner.

Of course, there are the few like me who scored evenly in 3 of the 5 categories. The author indicates that this means you are bi- or tri-lingual and you will accept many more forms of love expressions and should therefore be easier to please and keep your love tank full.

If you're interested in reading the book, check with your local library.


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