Whirlwind Day

Today was supposed to be easy. Send Cierra to Joy School, get a sitter for Rachel, go to the dentist. As much as I dislike going to the dentist (I've been a lot lately between me and the kids), it beats what today turned out to be - exhausting.

I had actually been at the dentist yesterday getting the temporary crown for my root canal and some other fillings taken care of. I left the girls with a dear friend warning of sniffly noses and a dry cough. When I picked them up 3 1/2 hours later (yes, it really took that long and the dentist is not that far away) she mentioned that the sneezing had gotten really bad. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction to the cat, though they'd never seemed to have an issue before.

Nope, not an allergic reaction. Cierra woke up a couple of times last night screaming in agony and Rachel crawled in bed with me and moaned most of the night. So after dropping the boys at school I took the girls to the doctor's office. Since I was a walk-in, we had to wait for them to find a slot to slip us in. That wasn't going to be until 1:10. Since I was already on that side of town, we decided to go a little further and make a much needed trip to the breadstore. As we headed for the store, I remembered that there was a Goodwill close by and thought that would make a cheap killer of time. Cierra picks out everything doll-related at Goodwill - well at any store she goes to actually. No scout uniforms, but did find some cute clothes for the girls and some t-shirts for the boys. Cierra did get one doll and Rachel picked out an electric keyboard - pink with flowers.

As we were checking out, I received a phone call from Neil. He had uploaded some new software and couldn't find the old information that was supposed to have been backed up somewhere on the hard drive. So he wanted me to send up some prayers. What I did learn is that you can't take shopping carts out of Goodwill because of the long pole they have attached that prevent you from getting through the doors. So I finished up the phone call, figured out how to get the bags into my hands and still manage to hang on to both girls.

Next to the breadstore. That was fun. Cierra and I each took a cart. I filled hers up with bread and mine up with all the goodies. In the midst of this fun, a bird flew into the store and Cierra thought it would be great fun to help the employee try to chase it out. We finally finished our shopping and headed out.

We still had a couple of hours before the appointment so we made a pitstop at Anna's Linens. The girls picked out bathtub toys, pillows, various dishes, beds-in-a-bag for the family (although they were mostly concerned with their own), and I think they were looking at some new shower curtains. Of course they were sorely disappointed when mom didn't actually buy this stuff, but it did kill some time. In fact, I misread my watch and thought I had 1/2 hour to get back over to the drs. office. Nope, the bank clock let me know I actually still had 1 1/2 hours. Not enough time to get home, but too much time than what I'd hoped for.

Next stop was a quick stop at the animal hospital. Made an appointment for Brody to get his shots and neutered. Then took the girls for lunch at McDonald's. Finally it was 1:00 and time to head to the drs. office. Cierra was confirmed with an ear infection and Rachel just has a head cold. The dr. wrote us a prescription so now we had to go get that filled. Did some grocery shopping while we waited and finally got home in time to unload the car and go pick the boys up from school.

I'm so glad there are no meetings tonight. I'm in for the night and ready to crash.


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