The Week in Review (12/29 - 1/4)

I get a weekly email from my dad. I tried doing it for a while, but decided my life wasn't that interesting. But I know there are people out there who like to get an update so I'll post my weekly ramblings here and others can come catch up on my life if they so choose.

Last Monday Neil started a new job. He had been laid off with a decent severance package in September and I was getting used to him being around helping out with the kids in the morning. He had done some house-painting for a couple of weeks in October, but decided he didn't particularly care for that kind of work. He's not sure what exactly he is supposed to be doing in this job, but I imagine he'll figure it out or make it up as he goes along.

The kids were still home all week for winter break and decided they wanted a New Year's Eve party. So I made them clean the house in preparation.

Tuesday I went to do splits with the missionaries. I was going to be with one sister doing appointments and door-knocking, while the other sister went with another member to Mesa for a meeting. Unfortunately, the other member didn't show up so the splits were cancelled and both sister missionaries went to Mesa. I stayed and chatted with the lady they live with. She's a member of one of the other wards who is familiar with the Taggart family. So I got her caught up on all the Taggart children and I learned a bit about her own family.

Wednesday was mostly house-cleaning getting ready for the party. I had ordered a 9-foot subway sandwich and was starting to get concerned as more and more people called to say they couldn't come. By the end of the night we only had 3 feet remaining which was quickly disposed of in the next couple of days by the family. We set off some fireworks (time to go back to New Mexico to restock) which makes the dogs go nuts, said good-bye to our guests and did a little cleaning before heading for bed.

Thursday everybody slept in, but we did get the Christmas stuff put away and I even did some re-organizing in the garage. The kids went running off to play with others in the neighborhood and I caught up on some movies I had borrowed from the library.

Friday I returned material from the library and went to lunch with a friend. I did some grocery shopping and got home in time to get Daniel ready for his first scouting campout. Aaron went to a friend's for the night so it was just me and the three little guys. They watched movies and I played on the computer until about 11, then we went to bed.

Saturday morning was a primary activity for the kids to meet their new teachers. Since I sub, and had a sub assignment for the first two weeks, I sat in for the regular CTR6 teacher. Neil and Daniel came back from the campout to be there as well since Neil has been called as the Valiant 11/12 teacher. The turnout wasn't so good, but we enjoyed donuts and juice and played some games. Neil had promised to help a friend move some appliances to and from a rental house so he was gone for most of the afternoon. I was feeling achy so took it easy until he got back. Then we went and did some shopping at Sam's Club before coming home and locking up for the night.

Sunday we had 9 am church services. After church we ate some lunch then took a nap. Later we made dinner and then read scriptures and sent the kids to bed at 8.


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