Week Ending January 18, 2009

What a long week. I should keep better notes, but I'm too exhausted. Otherwise I would post more often.

Monday is the last day of my school week and that is when everything is due. So I spent the majority of Monday on the computer posting assignments. Other than that, it was a quiet day with nothing major going on.

Tuesday I took Cierra to Joy School and then went to the library and park with Rachel. Aaron had a half-day so I picked Cierra up from Joy School and headed to the middle school for Aaron. Later, after picking up the boys, I took Aaron to band practice. They were calling themselves Armegeddon but have changed the name again and I can't recall what it is now. It started with a B I think. Tuesday night Neil had his 11-yr-old scouts at the house and I tried to keep the little kids out of his way.

Wednesday was just a regular day once I got over the anxiety of Neil having to be in court and whether or not I should join him. My visiting teachers came and visited in the afternoon and I persuaded one to watch the girls for me on Thursday while I went to my dentist appointment. Daniel had scouts in the afternoon, then the boys had scouts later that night. I also had a meeting at the high school for an Engineering program that Aaron is interested in. So we went to that and Aaron ditched scouts and joined me for some quick grocery shopping.

Thursday Cierra had Joy School and I went and had pictures done as a present for Valentine's Day for Neil. After Joy School, I took the girls to my VT's house with some lunch and headed to the dentist. Two hours later I have pretty teeth and a follow-up appointment for this week. I need a couple of crowns and a root canal - which surprisingly doesn't actually hurt so I had no idea I had that kind of damage.

I don't recall much of Friday. School and housework as usual. Saturday Neil and I had an all-day Wood Badge Staff development. It makes for a long day. The older boys had a merit badge clinic so I had the son of a friend watch the little kids for us. They liked him and his mom laughed when he mentioned they are picky eaters. She thought it was funny because he, himself is a picky eater. I never thought they were picky, they're just choosy about what they want at the moment. It's not quite the same thing.

Saturday night Aaron went to a party for a friend and I tried to get stuff done for my primary lesson. Sunday Cierra was my only student and she had a meltdown so we went home early and left Neil to deal with the rest. After some lunch and an afternoon nap, Neil headed over for an OA chief's meeting then came back to get changed so he and Aaron could go to a Priesthood meeting.

Well, I'm off to another scout meeting. I really need to cut back on that volunteering stuff.


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