Week Ending January 11, 2009

This week has been pretty busy. Not much going on Monday, but Tuesday Cierra had Joy School and a dentist appointment. Daniel also visited the dentist to finish up some work started over the Christmas break. Cierra didn't do so well so was referred to a pediodontist. I called him that afternoon and scheduled a consult for Wednesday. That night I had a Cub Scout Day Camp meeting and a Pow Wow meeting. Luckily they were both down at the council offices so I split time between the two and left feeling that both had been a waste of my time.

Wednesday I took Nick and Cierra in for their dentist consult and left with a Thursday appointment for Nick and a double booking for both of them on Monday. That night I missed a t-shirt design meeting for Wood Badge and the older boys skipped out on their combined youth activity because neither were interested in watching movies.

Thursday Daniel woke up - well really didn't wake up - so I let him stay home with the girls while I took Nick to his dentist appointment. When we finally got home, I packed a lunch for Daniel and took him to school only to learn that he was not completing his assignments and received some in-depth information on a research paper he is supposed to be working on. So rather than go to Roundtable meeting, I stayed home and attempted to coerce him to put some effort into his research. It ended with him throwing his note cards to the ground and me sending him to bed.

Friday the two older boys had a campout and once they were dropped off, we locked up the house and vegged for the night. Saturday I helped out with some Cub Scout Leadership training for the district which took up most of the day, then came home to catch up on laundry and get the family ready for Sunday. Which included preparing a primary lesson. I do miss having the later church schedule because I actually have to have everything together Saturday night including cutting out things and no time for last minute brain storms to actually be put into effect.

Sunday was rather quiet. Church in the morning and an afternoon nap. Of course mixed in with the whole week was my continuing education online. I'm studying methods of science this course and while science has never been my favorite subject, it is exciting to learn of better ways to teach it so the students are involved rather than just lectured at - which is pretty much what my science experience was.


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