Trips to the Dentist

I remember why I don't like dentists. But the kids needed to go so I took them back in September for a cleaning. They all needed work so I scheduled them to go during Christmas break. Both Nick and Cierra did not do well with just a local anesthetic so the dentist referred us to a pediodontist. I liked him better. Not only will he sedate the kids before doing work, he doesn't find it necessary to put crowns on teeth that will most likely be falling out within the next year.

Today was Nick's trip for sedation. He didn't like the taste of the orange soda they gave him - possibly because it was laced with Valium and Demerol. But he did get to wear the gas mask (nitrous oxide) and he got a new toothbrush that lights up and a car and Scooby Doo stickers. He also got a milkshake since he's only supposed to eat soft foods until the numbing wears off. Overall I think it was a positive experience and if it means he doesn't mind going to the dentist in the future, I'm happy to pay for the sedation this go-round.

Monday he goes back to finish his work and Cierra joins him. Too loopy kids - woo hoo!!!


L. Taggart said…
Ha ha ha! I LOVE loopy kids! Glad to see you are starting a blog. I wish we were able to visit more, this way I can read about you at midnight, he he. Great new years resolution too! I should do something about the new year.... love ya! OH! I am soooo glad to hear Neil got a new job! We had heard, but I never got to express my happiness for you.

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