My Day

I realized today was my last day of real freedom before the kids go back to school. It has been a luxury to be able to run errands without having to drag anyone along. After leaving a short list of chores for the kids, I ran over to the library to exchange materials then called a friend to see if she was available to go to lunch. We went to a restaurant called Chompie's. I know they're a chain but don't know how universal. I had a half sandwich and a small bowl of soup. Glad I went with the small portion - I had to bring home the sandwich. After chatting for a bit and getting my therapeutic fix, I filled the car with gas and did some quick grocery shopping.

Aaron has gone over to a friend's house to spend the night and Daniel and Neil are off on Daniel's first boy scout camp out. Alyx and Derek are at their mom's house for the weekend so it's just me and the little guys. They're being entertained by Caillou and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening with Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility." I wasn't impressed by "Pride and Prejudice" but she's such a notable writer, I thought it only fair to give her a second chance.


Treena said…
I personally enjoyed 'Pride and Prejudice'. I have enjoyed most of Jane Austen's novels. Couldn't get into 'Emma' though. I should try it again I suppose. Maybe you should try 'Persuasion' which is my personal favorite...

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