Is it bedtime yet?

It's been a long day. Neil had to go to court this morning to fight with the ex over stupid stuff. He didn't think I needed to go because it should just be a quick ruling on the need for counseling and giving (or not giving) power the ex thinks she should have. Court was at 8:30. I got a phone call at 8:00 to set up an interview for 9:30. I dropped the two younger boys at school at 8:15, got a phone call asking how soon I can get to the courthouse. I make a phone call to my visiting teacher to see if she can watch the girls. She's getting her daughter out the door and says she'll come over as soon as she gets dressed. By the time I've returned home from the school, Neil has called back saying I don't need to come after all. Apparently, his lawyer didn't show up at 8:00 and he was getting a little freaked out about whether or not I needed to be there when the ex showed up with her mother. Luckily, the lawyer showed up and calmed his nerves, and I was able to come down from overdrive by taking care of various chores.

I called back my VT and told her she was off the hook. She made an appointment to come visit me later in the afternoon. Neil got back from court about 9:20 and I made it for my interview on time. I am up for a teaching position at the charter school where my children attend. Because it is a charter school, I do not have to be a certified teacher as long as there is a plan in place to become so. I have about 4 classes left and about 80 hours of observation time to complete to start my student teaching. That's enough of a plan for the school. The school board meets on the 20th so I'll hear after that if the position is offered.

After my interview I was able to talk with Neil about the outcome of the hearing. Basically it was as we expected. He needs to attend counseling as do the kids and his ex. Everything else she was requesting was summarily denied and there is a tele-hearing in March to review the situation then. He then went to work and I tried to get some school work done.

My visiting teachers showed up at 1:30, we chatted for about an hour when I had to go pick Aaron up from school. We got home and it seemed like I sat down for two minutes when it was time to get the younger boys. We got home, got homework taken care of, and Daniel and I left for cub scouts. After scouts I dropped off Daniel, picked up Aaron, dropped off another scout at his house and Aaron and I went to a meeting for an engineering program at the high school. He registers for classes next week. I have a hard time realizing that he will be a freshman. He's a good kid and I have been blessed that he hasn't pulled away or become beligerent.

Once the meeting was over, we ran to the grocery store, picked up a few items and came home. I'm fighting a headache - I think the media room may have recently been painted because it's a fume headache. Kids have been in the shower and I need to get them together for scripture reading and bedtime business.


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