Hump Day

Compared to yesterday, today was relatively quiet. I got Nick's and the girls' rooms cleaned up. I also made some headway on some of my school work and finally got my classroom observation scheduled for this course. The public schools have half days tomorrow and Friday so with Aaron home to watch the girls, I can go observe a science lesson at the charter school.

I've been trying to actually make healthy dinners without too much leftover. Monday we ended up finally throwing out a bunch of leftovers that just were not getting eaten. We had one pot of what had started out as beef chunks over rice. Over the weeks, leftover veggies, meat, and potatoes had gotten added to the mix. So even on the days is was being eaten, it ended up gaining more than was consumed. In my defense, it was not me who added the additional stuff to the pot.

Yesterday I experimented with pork chops. I took the boneless chops, rolled them in italian seasoning, sliced them down the middle, but not all the way through, and tossed in an italian blend of grated cheese. Stuck them in a casserole dish, mixed a can of cream of mushroom soup with a couple cans of milk and poured it over the top and covered with aluminum foil. Baked it at 400 for about an hour. Near the end, I removed the foil and sprinkled more cheese on top. We had it with mashed potatoes, green beans, and french bread. All the meat got eaten and only had a small container of potatoes and gravy and a bit of the green beans left over.

The green beans got pulled out tonight. I had pulled out some ground turkey in thoughts of making a meat loaf, but it didn't defrost in time. I still had another package of pork chops in the fridge, so browned those in oil and seasoning salt (okay, maybe not as healthy as it could be), mixed up some brown gravy and made some rice in the rice cooker. Had that with the other loaf of french bread. Again, all the meat is gone, a lot of gravy and a little rice are leftover. Probably still some beans.

Tomorrow we'll do the meatloaf and the gravy and green beans can be pulled out again. I'll have to make some more potatoes - thank goodness for potato pearls. One week at a time. We'll see how well I keep this up. I really do want to have good meals for my family, I just never was much of a cook. They say anyone who can read a recipe can cook, but that's like saying anyone who can read a knitting magazine can knit. I still can't figure out how do anything more than a single chain. At least knitting doesn't involve the possibility of blowing up your kitchen.

Naw! I'll stick to trying to cook. Leave the knitting to those who make it look good.


gwenshere said…
I understand that people who read and enjoy Jane Austin not only can read a recipe but are good cooks. Ask Aunt Lois Ann and cousin Amanda Rose
L. Taggart said…
I think reading a knitting book requires knowing a different language, as does cooking/reading recipes. Sounds like your food is getting eaten at least! Mine is thrown all over the kitchen accompanied by begging to buy donuts from the store. I share your goal of feeding the family healthy and not wasting too much. Good luck, wish me some too.

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