Guys just don't get it

With all the recent meetings and activities, the house has taken a back seat in priorities. So today, with nothing else on the agenda, is cleaning day. I banished the little kids to my room to watch television while I started in the kitchen. Two hours later, I am putting the cushions back on the couch and finishing up the mopping when they come in wanting food. That's fine. I tell them they must eat at the table. They sit down and I hop on the computer to work on some school work while the kitchen floor dries and the kids eat.

Here comes Cierra with the mop in tow. I tell her that it's not time to mop the hallway because I have to sweep first and she needs to put the mop back. She's fine with that, but that mommy instinct kicks in and wonders about the status of the kitchen floor. Right on target, she and Rachel have slopped mop water everywhere. I kick them out of the kitchen just as the phone rings. It's Neil asking how my day is. So I rant to him about having to re-mop the kitchen. His response is that I'm lucky it's just water.

Note to guys - it does not make the cleanup job any better or easier to know that you once helped mop your mom's floor with shortening. And quit saying you're sorry!!


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