30 Days of Truth - Day 5

Something Which You Hope To Do

This I can't narrow down to just one thing. I have a lot of things I want to do that I haven't yet. Some are just dreams with a sense of maybe, some are actual goals I am working towards, and some are idealistic wants with no realistic sense of being able to accomplish. You can try to figure out which falls in which category :D

1. Complete my bachelor's degree.
2. Run for President of the United States.
3. Travel to the Greek Islands.
4. Visit Iceland with my husband.
5. Go sky diving.
6. Write a novel.
7. Learn to play the piano well.
8. Meet the Awesome Ones IRL.
9. Take my family to Disneyland.
10. Win the lottery.

Maybe if I can accomplish #10, I will turn fantasy to reality a lot quicker for some of the other nine.


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