Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30 Days of Truth Challenge - Day 2

Something I Love About Myself

I've had some time to consider this. There are many things I love about myself, but I felt the one I wanted to discuss was appropriate as we come into the season of gratitude and service. What I love about myself is my willingness to serve others. At times I think it goes beyond willingness and can be considered a desire. Those who truly know me, I feel, would be quick to agree that if there is something they need help with, I will do it if it is in my power. If it is not in my power, I will mull over the situation to figure out if I know of anybody who can help. I actually feel guilty if I am unable to provide assistance, even though I have a very good reason why I can't.

I have been blessed in my life to be in a financial position to help a friend in her quest to Walk for The Cure (Three Day Walk). I couldn't walk with her, but I funded the entire amount she needed to join a team. I have been blessed with owning vehicles which have been used and abused in service. I've moved friends, given them the truck for the day to pick up appliances, and attached a trailer to help Boy Scouts with various fundraisers and service projects.

My husband teases me that I suffer from a disease we refer to as Helium Hand. But I so enjoy serving others and being in a position to help. I do recognize that this ability to serve is a direct blessing from my Heavenly Father and am grateful that He has provided me both resources and opportunities which enable me to serve.

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