Week Ending December 6, 2009

The weeks seem to get busier as we get closer to Christmas. This past week was pretty much the same schedule though my visit to the ER in the middle week caused me to change some activities around. I am finishing up the last of the Popcorn Fundraiser for the district so I had many phone calls and emails from the various units as we figured out who still needed what, who had product to return, and how much they all owed. It will be truly done by next week, one way or another.

Monday, being the last day of the month, Neil had to work from 7 am to 6:30 pm. He took Alyx and Derek out to dinner as there wasn't much time to spend with them. We had had them both last week for Thanksgiving and it was fun to spend time with them both.

Tuesday was a typical day including school, work, soccer practice, and scouts. Wednesday started out typical, but ended with a visit to ER, having blessed friends willing to pick up my children from school and me from the hospital. Neil had worked the late shift (12-9) and was so sweet to offer to come to the hospital with me. I assured him that it was better than he go to work and if necessary, I would call him. He stayed up with me most of Wednesday night even while I slept and was willing to call in to work on Thursday so he could run the kids to school and get my drugs. Luckily, the kidney stone passed a little before noon and so he was able to get in an afternoon nap and I was able to get things accomplished for our District Roundtable that night. He went to roundtable while I continued to recover.

Friday the kids had their half-day and I picked them up, ran down to the council offices to pick up some missing popcorn, and then took Cierra to the doctor to attend to some warts. She has a small one on each wrist and two on her big toe. The doctor decided to freeze them right then so Cierra has been experiencing her own pain. The freezing seems to be working and it is hard for me to see these blisters of viral infection and not want to just cut them off. She has caught one of her wrists a couple of times so she now walks around with a handkerchief. It has been particularly hard on her since anytime she gets any type of owie, she wants a band-aid and the doctor told us we can't put a bandaid on the warts if the freezing is to do its job.

Friday night we went down to the temple and looked at the temple lights. The missionaries are a bit zealous this year. Normally once we mention that we are already members, they might ask for a reference, but they also seem to be attentive to who the other missionaries are talking with. It felt like every missionary was on the attack and it made it difficult to enjoy the lights. We left within an hour due to that and the particularly cold night. Neil then took us down to his place of business to see the four-story Christmas tree. There was also an arts and crafts fair going on, but it had already closed down by the time we got there. So our visit there was long enough to take pictures of the tall tree and to chat up the security guard. We then headed for home knowing we had a busy Saturday coming up.

Saturday morning we had tithing settlement. We had planned to get dinner the night before at IHOP, one of our favorites, but because of the late hour and tired children, we put it off until breakfast. We also traded in for Denny's because it was closer to the church. After tithing settlement, Neil dropped me and the girls off at home and then took the boys over to the Thunderbird Building for an Eagle Scout project. When they finished with that, I took Aaron for a hair cut and then Neil took Daniel and Nick on a hike that Daniel needed to complete as one of his scouting requirements. Aaron went over to a friend's and I worked on homework and housework. When everyone got back home, Neil and I went out to pick up some needed groceries.

Today was church and we were all up and to church on time. The suburban has been groaning and we've determined that it is in need of a brake job. It got us to and from church and will be going to our mechanic tomorrow. It was fast and testimony meeting and many great testimonies were borne. We also had a great lesson in Relief Society on the attributes of Christ. I am now listening to the First Presidency Devotional and President Monson has begun to speak.

On to a new week.


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