Almost Week's End

I realized that I haven't been blogging regularly nor am I even able to get the weekly update in. So since I have a few spare moments, I thought I'd just get down what has occurred over the past few weeks.

The kids just finished up their last week of school and are officially on Christmas Break. I am done with popcorn except for turning in some money and leftover popcorn to council. The Christmas shopping is mostly done although I imagine that it won't be until I start wrapping the presents that I'll have a better indicator of what percentage of "done" I am.

I've been busy with scouts and school and soccer and church programs and school programs and work and other things that I don't quite remember. Last Saturday was the ward Christmas program. I was supposed to be an angel with other children angels. Instead, I had a blazing headache and was sent home by the Activities Committee Chair. Daniel stayed and played a shepherd and then got a ride home with a good friend. My roasting pan with the hams I had cooked didn't make it home and Neil said he couldn't find it at church on Sunday. My headache was still waging a war on my body so I stayed home. Hopefully the Activities Committee Chair knows its whereabouts. The roasting pan, not the war.

Tuesday the school had its final soccer game. We scored a goal and got a 4th place trophy. I was happy both for the outcome and that the season is now over. Wednesday was Pack Meeting. They had an awesome display of color guard by a Marine Corps, who also stayed and talked about the Toys for Tots program and other cool military stuff. Wednesday and Thursday were half-days for Aaron, Derek, and Alyx as they had finals and then Friday off. Thursday was the Christmas program for the younger kids. The pre-school group did a cute musical program which involved a lot of rocking back and forth and hard-to-decipher singing. The school-aged children put on Dickens' A Christmas Carol with a little bit of personal flavor. Daniel played Dickens with a horrible English accent, Nick was Peter Cratchett, and Cierra was part of the choir. Given their ages and abilities, they did a good job. Grandma Janet happened to be in town and so shared the evening with us. Friday was a half-day for the younger children and so I did some housework and school work during the morning then spent the afternoon herding cats. That evening we went to a Christmas party hosted by some friends. Lots of yummy things to eat and a fun musical presentation. Santa even showed up.

Today we all pitched in and cleaned house, except for Nick who ended up with the flu. It had hit Rachel and Cierra at the end of last week and beginning of this week so it was just a matter of time. Nick was a real trooper about it though, even covered up his own puke trail when he missed the toilet. He seems to be feeling much better tonight so hopefully will be able to go to church tomorrow. If not, Neil will have to stay home as I've been asked to cover in the nursery and we figure it'll be easier to send his three boys to the other Primary teacher if he can't be there.

We got a little time to ourselves tonight as we went grocery shopping. Dating really isn't something we get to do very often because of our financial situation, but we've found that it's more about being together and away from the kids than the activity we actually do.

I've got to get to bed so I can get up and moving in the morning.


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