This is another movie by the same organization that did "Facing the Giants". It tells the story of a young couple who are facing trials in their marriage - to the point of considering divorce. He is a firefighter who is respected by his co-workers and community, but not at home. She works at a hospital and is dealing with aging parents and a flirtation at work. While neither is free of accountability in making the marriage work, the viewer must wonder if it wouldn't just be better to cut losses and move on. They have no children so it would be a clean split.

The husband approaches his father with the situation and is given a love dare diary. He is to complete each task for 40 days - each day bringing a new task related to showing love to his wife. As he commits to the program without his wife being aware of what he is doing, the viewer starts pulling for the husband and may have a tendency to villainize the wife.

Apparently, there is a true love dare diary available in bookstores so regardless of how your own relationships may be doing, check out the movie and then decide if you ought to invest in the book. While it may be geared towards marriage, showing love to any who we might find difficult to love can be learned through the book.


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